Advocates, Ryan Cronin Rally For Change

Supporters of the Child Victims Act rally for bill, against incumbant

On Saturday, advocates, experts and Senatorial candidate Ryan Cronin rallied to pass the Omnibus Child Victims Act in New York at the Long Island Railroad Station in Hempstead NY.

“Right now, 90% of the people who sexually abuse children never see a day behind bars because of New York’s Statute of Limitations on the crime. That’s wrong, that’s shameful, and that sentences more children sexual abuse ” says Gary Greenberg, founder of the Fighting for Children Political Action Committee. “The Senate Republicans are staunchly opposed to real reform. Ryan Cronin is an intelligent, passionate advocate for women and children who is committed to protecting children if he is elected to office. He is our number one endorsed candidate”

“Sexually abused children suffer a lifetime of physical, mental, and emotional pain. It takes them, on average, 21 years to be able to talk about the trauma, and by that time New York’s Statute of Limitations keeps most of them from court. The Omnibus Child Victims Act will fix that by ensuring victims have access to justice, which protects children” says Andrew Willis, CEO and the Stop Abuse Campaign.

“My opponent has stated his opposition to the Child Victims Act, a bill that will make it easier for child sex abuse victims to seek justice. Kemp Hannon’s refusal to be on the side of victims is reprehensible” said Ryan Cronin, who is running against Hannon in the 6th Senatorial District.

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