State Senate candidate Ali Boak hosted “ten percent isn’t enough” public awareness campaign at Mahopac Public Library highlighting Senator Terrence Murphy’s flawed Child Safety Zone policy and neglect for sexual assault victims

As few as 10% of sex offenders convicted of crimes are subsequently registered, undermining efficacy of Safety Zones designed to keep registered sex offenders away from children

MAHOPAC, N.Y. – In an effort to raise awareness about a dangerous and alarming loophole in the state’s laws aimed at protecting children from the threat of sexual predators, Fighting for Children PAC and State Senate candidate Ali Boak today held a press conference and visual demonstration at a local Child Safety Zone in Mahopac. Coming one week before voters of the 40th State Senate go to the polls, the event draws a strong contrast between incumbent Senator Terrence Murphy’s failure to stand up for victims of sexual assault, and Boak’s history of advocacy and her campaign promise to pass the long-stalled Child Victims Act.

“We are playing russian roulette with our children’s safety,” said Fighting for Children PAC founder Gary Greenberg. “Child Safety Zones are a misnomer. They only protect our children from one in ten sexual predators and this is simply not enough. I’m proud to know that there are real leaders like Ali Boak out there who will go to Albany and work to close this dangerous loophole.”

“There’s no greater responsibility than protecting our children from harm,” said State Senate candidate Ali Boak. “It’s shameful that Senator Murphy would tout his failed Child Safety Zone policy to hide the fact that he refuses to give child victims of sexual assault their day in court. 10% is a failure, even by Albany standards, and we must do better. That’s why, as our next State Senator, I will pass the Child Victims Act and take real steps to protect our children.”

This morning, Fighting for Children PAC and State Senate candidate Boak led advocates in the “Ten Percent isn’t Enough” public awareness event at the Public Library in Mahopac. To visually illustrate the threat of sexual predators, participants donned red and blue T-Shirts emblazoned with the slogan – one blue shirt for every nine red representing the current threat.

According to advocates, only one in ten sexual predators are convicted of their crimes, a requirement of inclusion on the state’s sex offender registry. Consequently, Child Safety Zones such as schools and public libraries, which offenders are prevented from entering or residing near, in practice only deter ten-percent of offenders from coming into contact with children.

The flawed logic of this policy is evidently lost on State Senator Terrence Murphy, who has made support for the zones a key component of his efforts to combat sexual predators. In reality, as critics point out, this amounts to little more than an effort to distract voters from his failure to lift the statute of limitations on child sex assault crimes.

This event comes as Murphy faces mounting criticism over his use of a local campaign watchgroup to obscure his vote against protecting children when the provisions of the Child Victims Act came up for a vote in the Republican-controlled State Senate. Senator Murphy joined Republican colleagues in voting down the proposed amendment, a fact reflected in media reports and published Senate records. This has earned Murphy the ire of advocates who have long pushed for the bill’s passage.

With less than a week to next week’s election, the one-term Republican appears to be doubling down on his divisive tactics. It has been reported that the Senator’s campaign has encouraged staff and volunteers to use the Trump-like tactics of discrediting victims and calling them liars. At the same time, Murphy continues to use the recent decision by the local Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee to disguise his shameful voting history on the issue.

Murphy and Boak will face off in the general election next Tuesday, November 8th.

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