Early Success!

Sweeping Victory in the Primaries!

For everyone following the progress of the Omnibus Child Victim’s Act, we have exciting news to share: the PAC formed by Gary Greenberg to pass this critical legislation is working!

The primary elections took place yesterday and almost every candidate supported by the PAC won the nomination. This isn’t just politically historic, but socially compelling. In the 10 year history of Statute of Limitations reform in New York, this is the first time that candidates’ support for the bill was prominently included in their platform and campaign strategy.

Clearly, people respond to candidates not just verbalizing their support for child victims and adult survivors, but backing it up with action. Perhaps it’s because, unlike the politicians who voted against the bill in past history, the voting public is acutely aware of the fact that statute of limitation laws protect sexual predators, and not children. With 1 in 5 children in New York being sexually abused, this isn’t a risk we’re willing to keep taking.

Wins rarely come without some setbacks, however, and we were disappointed that Rachel Barnhart, Ischia Bravo, and Jeffrey Toback didn’t win in their districts. There was also the news of Margaret Markey’s departure, the original sponsor of Statute of Limitation reform and a true champion for our cause.

Yet even with those losses, we are in an extremely promising position. Traditionally, the Senate is the key to passing an Act; once the Senate passes it, the Assembly generally follows suit. With all six of the candidates we backed in the Senate having won, the torch has been passed and we have new gladiators joining the ranks of elected officials who’ve already long supported the Omnibus Child Victim’s Act.

Beyond a fresh political climate, this sweeping victory in the New York primary elections is palpable proof of a larger, national trend. Over the past several years, the general public has increasingly demanded justice for sexual violence at large. Aaron Persky, the judge in the Stanford rape case now infamous for his light sentencing of Brock Turner, faced such public backlash that he himself decided to no longer hear criminal cases. Spotlight, the film which chronicled the Boston Globe’s expose of rampant child sexual abuse in the Catholic church, won Best Picture. The group of women publicly accusing powerful men like Bill Cosby and Roger Ailes continues to grow.

The public is standing up to the status quo, to those in power scratching the backs of others in power, and demanding change. Let’s keep doing our part to fuel this momentum because we truly feel the time is now for the Omnibus Child Victim’s Act to finally become law.

Onward and upward troops!

The victors from Primary night are:

State Senate

Marisol Alcantara, 31st District

Ali Boak, 40th District

John Devito, 3rd District

Pramilla Malick, 42nd District

Amber Small, 60th District


State Assembly

Carmen De La Rosa, 72nd District

Mark Gjonaj, 80th District

Latrice Walker, 55th District

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