Fighting for Children endorses John Brooks for the 8th Senatorial District

Candidate brings commitment and useful to the race

October 31, 2016 Fighting for Children, a Political Action Committee founded by abuse survivor Gary Greenberg today endorsed John Brooks, Senatorial candidate for the 8th district.

Brooks is a lifelong resident of Long Island and has played a very active role in the community. He has been a volunteer Fireman for more than 45 years and remains an active member today. He also served on the Seaford Board of Education for a number of years and has a demonstrated interest in helping children. He also has background with the insurance industry, which promises to be helpful, as they traditionally oppose the Child Victims Act.

“We are proud to endorse candidates committed to reforming the state’s statute of limitations for child sex abuse to better protect the children of New York,” said Gary Greenberg, founder of Fighting for Children.  “John Brooks will be a great addition to New York’s Senate.”

“Currently, 90% of the people who sexually abuse children never see a day behind bars, largely because they are protected by New York’s Statute of Limitations on the crime. The Omnibus Child Victims Act eliminates those Statutes of Limitation, and will ensure more sex offenders are on our sex offender registries and off the street”, said Andrew Willis, CEO and co-founder of the Stop Abuse Campaign.

Greenberg is a New York investor and is himself a survivor of sexual abuse.  After ten years of political inaction on this issue, he established a Political Action Committee to replace New York State Senators who opposed comprehensive Statute of Limitations Reform. Greenberg has invested $125,000 of his retirement funds into the PAC and has raised a further $7,500  towards his target of $200,000.

About Fighting for Children

Fighting for Children is a Political Action Committee founded by New York Investor and abuse survivor Gary Greenberg.  The mission of the PAC is to support the passing of the Omnibus Child Act that seeks to eliminate both criminal and civil statutes of limitations for offenders of sexual abuse against minors. The Act also provides an important one-year window to allow survivors previously barred from identifying their abuser in civil court. Fighting for Children will actively campaign in all 13 state senate districts and 2 Assembly districts to elect supporters to Albany.  For more information and to support the protecting the children of New York, please visit

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