Losing Never Felt So Good

Small Wins Are Enough To Protect Children

First Publisehd in the New York Daily News

New Baltimore, N.Y.: Advocates for victims of child sexual abuse didn’t win as dramatically as we wanted, but if the Fighting for Children PAC were losers in this election, as Ken Lovett implied in his Nov. 14 “Winners and Losers” column, losing has never felt so good. We have been fighting for statute of limitations reform for 10 years. One in five of our children will be sexually abused, yet 90% of their abusers will never see a day behind bars because they are protected by New York laws. Sen. Brad Hoylman’s omnibus Child Victims Act to reform statutes of limitations has a record number of sponsors and co-sponsors. We also have a record amount of public support. In 2016, predators won and children lost, by one vote. More and more parents are emailing and calling their state senators and Assembly members, telling them to support the Child Victims Act. Yes, we need one more vote. We will get it. Losing has never felt so good. Gary Greenberg, Melanie Blow and Andrew Willis

Fighting for Children PAC

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