Pramilla Malick Crushes State Senator Bonacic in Primary

An Endorsed Candidate Wins Big

By By DemDames


Unofficial results indicate that voters in Sullivan and Delaware counties gave State Senate candidate Pramilla Malick an overwhelming victory over her Republican rival John Bonacic. Although the contest was a Democratic primary, Bonacic had encouraged voters, including the elderly and infirm, to write in his name on the ballot. In his letters to voters, Bonacic never revealed that he was a Republican or that he was already assured of four lines on the ballot in the general election. If he had succeeded in capturing the Democratic line as well, he would have been the only candidate on the ballot in November.

Malick said the victory is not just a personal one, but also a victory for America’s democratic process. “Voters are entitled to a choice when they go to the polls on Election Day,” she said. “Taking away this choice discourages participation in the electoral process and undermines our democracy.”

Malick received approximately 87% of the votes cast for the two candidates in Sullivan County. The results were even more lopsided in Delaware County where Bonacic received just 3 % of the vote. Together Sullivan and Delaware County voters cast about thirty-eight percent of the votes in the election. Given the wide margin of Malick’s victory in these two counties, it is highly unlikely that the outcome will be reversed when the votes in Orange and Ulster counties are factored in.

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