Protecting Children in the 42nd District and Beyond

The future of New York's children is at stake on Nov. 8th

A lot is at stake with the upcoming presidential election, but the simple act of voting on Tuesday will have an impact on how many children in New York are sexually abused, for years to come.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20% of America’s children can expect to be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Experts agree that only 10% of the people who commit these horrible crimes ever see a day behind bars. This makes them invisible to the background checks and registries that concerned employers and parents use to protect children. Much of the reason for this abominable fact is New York’s Statute of Limitations on the crime. It takes sexually abused children an average of 21 years to be able to talk about their abuse, and in New York most victims lose their right to press charges on their 23rd birthday.

Advocates have been working vigorously to eliminate New York’s Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse for a decade. The bill has never gotten a single Republican co-sponsor. When a bill that would have allowed the 2016 Omnibus Child Victims Act, the version of the bill most popular with advocates and politicians, every Republican who voted, voted against it. As the chair of the Judiciary committee, John Bonacic could have played a significant role in passing this legislation, but he did nothing.

Child sexual abuse is a major problem, but it’s fixable with strong leadership. Leadership that Senator Bonacic has not provided. The Fighting for Children PAC, founded by a survivor of child sexual abuse, has endorsed Pramilla Malick for 42nd Senatorial district. She has pledged to prioritize this legislation if elected. Many voters are feeling disillusioned this election, but please remember that your vote in this election can save children from a horrible fate. They’re counting on you this Tuesday.

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