Voting For Kids start on Tuesday

Protect NY Kids has 12 Endorsed Primary Candidates

If you’re reading this, it’s because you care about protecting kids from sexual abuse. You care enough to let it influence your voting. And some of you can make a huge impact on the fate of New York’s kids this Tuesday the 13th.

Protect NY Kids has endorsed 6 Assembly candidates and 6 Senate candidates in Tuesday’s primary election. And as you may remember from high school civics class, the primary elections are when voters pick what candidates to vote for during the November elections. Most people don’t get that worked up about primary elections. Which means that if you go out and vote in yours, your vote counts that much more.

Our endorsed Senate candidates are:

John Devito-New York Senate Long Island

Marisol Alcantara-New York Senate Manhattan

Chris Eachus- New York Senate Orange County

Alison Boak- New York State Senate Westchester County

Pramilla Malick- New York Senate Ulster County

Amber Small- New York Senate Erie County

And our endorsed Assembly candidates are:

Jeffrey Toback- New York Assembly Nassau County

Latrice Walker- New York Assembly Brooklyn

Ischia Bravo- New York Assembly Bronx

Carmen De La Rosa- New York Assembly Manhattan

Mark Gjonaj- New York Assembly Bronx

Rachel Barnhart- New York Assembly Monroe County

If we haven’t endorsed a candidate in your district, don’t despair. You can see whether or not your candidate has supported the Omnibus Child Victims Act here. And you can find your candidates’ contact information here, so you can tell them how important this bill is to you and to the children of New York.

Go out and exercise your right to vote and your right to partake in the political process on Tuesday. And to all our endorsed candidates, we’d like to wish you the best of luck. New York’s children are counting on you!

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