Who's Unhappy with Senator Felder?

Lots of people, including Children’s advocates

Thanks to Matthew Hamilton of theTimes Union for running with this story


Fighting for Children PAC calls for Simcha Felder to Return to Democrats

New York, NY- November 21, 2016, The Fighting for Children Political Action Committee is urging Senator Simcha Felder to return to the Democratic Party in order to ensure children in New York and in his district are protected from child sexual abuse.

The Republicans  are uniformly opposed to the Omnibus Child Victims Act, which would eliminate the Statute of Limitations for child sex abuse and give adult victims one year in which to sue their abuser or institutions that facilitated their abuse. This feature, known as a “lookback window”, has drawn the ire of Republicans in the Senate, who have never co-sponsored a SOL reform bill with the window and who voted against bringing it to the floor last session.  With this in mind, the Fighting for Children PAC mostly endorsed democrats this election season.

“Reform is needed for New York to protect our children,” said Gary Greenberg, founder of Fighting for Children.  “Child sexual abuse is an epidemic everywhere, but in the Hasidic Jewish community that Senator Felder represents sexually abused children have even more barriers to disclosure than they do in other parts of New York. The children of Senator Felder’s own constituents need this legislation desperately. All children do. By agreeing to sit with the Republicans, he is turning his back on all of New York’s children and he should be ashamed of himself.”

Greenberg is a New York investor and is himself a survivor of sexual abuse.  After ten years of political inaction on behalf of the protection of children, he decided to establish a Political Action Committee to replace any New York State Senator who is opposed to comprehensive Statute of Limitations Reform. Greenberg has invested almost $200,000 of his retirement funds into the PAC.

“Child sexual abuse is a major public health issue. Today 1 in 5 of New York’s children suffer sexual abuse. It can be prevented, but not without strong leadership in Albany. If the Democrats unite, we can succeed in making New York safer for children. Senator Felder can break ranks with the Republican caucus and sign onto the Omnibus Child Victims Act.  Senator Felder isn’t just breaking ranks with the democrats, he’s breaking ranks with New York’s parents and harming their children’s future. Protecting our children has to be the priority for New York’s legislature” said Andrew Willis, CEO of the Stop Abuse Campaign.







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